Chemical Storage Safety Checklist

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Is the hazard assessment and PPE determination completed in LATCH?

Proper storage of flammable liquids is not difficult, in this column we provide general safety rules of thumb for handling and storing chemicals in the laboratory.

Handling Storage & Disposal Checklist Nova Scotia Health. DO NOT clean up a spill or leak if you are not trained to do so. Every lab should have the appropriate PPE on hand for the hazards present. This system in the label all chemical safety training documented in aisles unobstructed and containment? Are heavy items stored at lower levels to prevent risk from falling and manual handling Is there. Biosafety cabinets are used correctly. What are the alarm limits?

Using chemical safety cabinets is an accepted and reliable chemical storage control, training may be provided to multiple groups or users; however, each group should maintain a copy of the assessment and training in their records.

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Recommendations: Laboratory waste must be labeled and contained appropriately.

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