Storage Rack Inspection Checklist

This is especially true due to the fact that pallet racking is constantly loaded and unloaded using mechanical handling equipment such as forklifts. So many details go into ensuring the safety of your workers and the reputation of your business. We have rack storage inspection checklist to.

Where do I find my pallet rack capacity? Amber means that the part is faulty or damaged in some way and this means that the system needs to be offloaded as soon as possible within the next four weeks so that a repair can be performed. We now have a clean bill of health for our warehouse.

Are laptops allowed in the data center? But racking can get damaged or misaligned, making it a danger to both your staff and your business. Downloads are not available for free members.

If you wish to do your own inspection. Helping to take about them with rack inspection checklists in rmi membership at slightest disturbances. Are there broken welds or other signs of damage? How can we make our services more useful for you? Even the inspection checklist.

Installing adequate lighting in your facility is an easy way to help forklift operators see rack uprights and other obstacles that may be in their path. Exact loads can vary depending on the configuration of the pallet rack and the types of pallets used. Are the beams properly attached to the uprights?

Is electrical wiring properly installed? Dexion racking is manufactured to the highest quality and is designed to give you years of use. Fire blankets are in good condition and accessible. You have questions or would like to schedule a personal demo?

ELVEDI has racking and shelving inspectors certified by the Association of Storage and Associated Equipment Manufacturers who can annually control the safety of your racking and shelving systems.

Shelving does require regular inspection to ensure it is safe, particularly if it is in the vicinity of where materials handling equipment such as forklifts are used because the damage will be more common.


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  • Chemicals are in SDS management system.
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  • Are passageways and work areas clear of obstructions?
  • Rust has proved invaluable to storage rack.
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  • Can you identify bent upright frames?
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  • Acetic acid is segregated from other acids.

This email already has a member account. Luckily, federal programs exist in the form of tax credits that apply to the material handling industry. This leads to their structures weakening over time. Are you overdue for an annual rack safety inspection?

The traffic light system is used to measure the damage severity and indicate the risk level.

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