Byzantine Catholic Holy Days Of Obligation

Ash Wednesday Mass is obligatory.

Papal confirmation has been necessary only according to recent ecclesiastical law. It is a common misconception that Ash Wednesday is a Holy Day of Obligation. This unhappy fact, the holy catholic of byzantine obligation, there would not in? He also covered many papal visits within Italy. The East is extremely sensitive.

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Churches in communion among themselves and with the Roman pontiff, there are the Latin Church and a certain number of other Churches, of Eastern rite, today inferior in numbers, in the expectation of the universal reunion of all the Christian Churches.

Latin West, where ecclesiastical organization is reduced in practice to two ecclesial realities: on one hand, an infinity of dioceses, on the other, a central power directing all of them equally.

In fact, ecclesiastical tradition since the first centuries has been unanimous in determining the rank of the sees in the universal Church according to the following order: Rome, Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch, and Jerusalem.

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